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T Panoramic Mirrors

The T-panoramic 2-way Mirror replaces two conventional mirrors at narrow “T” intersections.
  • Description

    T-panoramic 2-way Safety Mirror

    The T-panoramic Safety Mirror has a wide-angle lens that gives a free line of vision in two directions.

    The T-panoramic mirror replaces two conventional mirrors at “T” intersections.

    The driver of the vehicle is able to look at the mirror and overlook both left and right directions efficiently and safely.

    The T-panoramic mirror is ideal for e.g. narrow factory roadways and similar places with low-speed traffic.

    Measurement 785x400x160 mm


  • Fixing Hardware – Included, easy to install

    MIRAC Fixing Hardware for T-panoramic Mirrors

    Pipe Clip
    The MIRAC Traffic mirrors come complete with a hot galvanized
    pipe clip from 50 to 76 mm (2 and 3″) posts.

    MIRAC Round Pipe Mount, length 550 mm, diameter 76 mm
    When using the bracket, the mirror can be mounted so that it hangs down from the ceiling, e.g., in a parking garage. The fitting is also suitable for wall mount of the mirror or on top of a wall.

    Optional Wall-arm
    The wall-arm can be used if mounted on a wall or other flat surfaces. The Wall-arm makes it possible to extend the mirror away from the wall allowing the mirror to be adjusted horizontally.

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Customer service: Tlf: +45 66 11 54 62


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