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Forklift Mirrors

MIRAC Forklift Mirror
  • Description

    Size: 27x24x7,5 cm

    MIRAC Forklift Mirror provides 130° panoramic full view of blind area in back of vehicle.

    MIRAC Forklift Mirrors are also suitable for construction equipment, agricultural vehicles and many other of road equipment.

    The wide-angle Forklift Mirror can also be used as a safety mirror in narrow places such as internal factory gangways as a 2-way mirror at “T” intersections.

  • Fixing Hardware – Included, easy to install

    MIRAC Forklift Mirrors – Fixing hardware

    Ball joints for adjustment:
    With the flexible bracket the mirror can be mounted with almost infinite adjustment.
    Mirror Bracket and Mirror Body: ABS


    Bracket can be turned:
    The Ball joint can be mounted on the long or on the short part of the arm.
    There are holes for extra fitment.


    Download English:
    Examples for Fixing trucklift mirror.

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Opening Hours

08.00 - 16.00 , Friday 08.00 - 12.00

Customer service: Tlf: +45 66 11 54 62


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