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Surveillance Hemispheres

For all-round panoramic vision.
  • Description

    MIRAC Surveillance Hemispheres
    Surveillance Hemispheres provide all-round vision for maximum safety in factories and warehouses.

    Sited at 4-way intersections they give an unobstructed view in all directions.

    The Hemispheres are tough, but light in weight and can be either flush mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling using the four pre-drilled fixing points in the mirror flange.

    The Hemispherical mirrors should be placed ideally about 2,5 meters above the floor level.

    360° Full Hemispheres
    – for large area panoramic viewing
    or 4-way intersections

    Størrelser på spejlkupler:

    Diameter 450 mm Viewing distance maximum 5 m to the mirror
    Diameter 600 mm Viewing distance maximum 8 m to the mirror
    Diameter 800 mm Viewing distance maximum 16 m to the mirror
    Diameter 1000 mm Viewing distance maximum 30 m to the mirror

    There is no exact rule for which size of dome to use, and the above viewing distances are only intended as a guide.

    Keeping in mind that the larger the mirror, the more detailed is the reflected image, it is best to use the largest mirror possible for the application.

    Please contact us if you cannot determine the size of mirror best for your application.

  • T & L Intersections

    MIRAC Half and Quarter Hemispheres

    Half Domes safeguard your 3-way “T” intersections:

    The 180° Half Domes are flush mounted between the ceiling and wall through the pre-drilled fixing points in the flange.

    180° Half Dome Sizes:

    • 450 mm wide
    • 600 mm wide
    • 800 mm wide
    • 1000 mm wide


    Quarter Domes safeguard your 2-way “L” intersections:

    The 90° Quarter Domes are flush mounted in the corner of the wall and ceiling through the pre-drilled fixing points in the flange.

    90° Quarter Dome Sizes:

    • 310 mm wide
    • 400 mm wide
    • 550 mm wide

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Customer service: Tlf: +45 66 11 54 62


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