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MIRAC Convex shop mirrors

MIRAC Convex Mirrors to reduce shoplifting in the store
  • Description

    MIRAC Convex Mirrors to reduce shoplifting in the store

    The convex mirrors have a slim and elegant black trim strip and black flexible wall-arm fixing for infinite adjustment.

    The convex mirrors are also available in white, red or blue coloured trims to blend in with the corporate design – MIRAC Match Mirrors

    Convex Mirrors sizes:

    Round Convex:

    • Diameter 300 mm
    • Diameter 400 mm
    • Diameter 600 mm
    • Diameter 750 mm

    Rectangular Convex:

    • 400 x 600 mm

    Triangular Convex:

    • 380 x 333 mm
  • Check-out Area

    MIRAC Convex Mirrors at the Checkout area

    When sited correctly the whole checkout area can be easily monitored.

    A mirror diameter 400 mm is commonly used for this specific purpose or alternatively a Triangular Mirror if there is only a limited space available or a hard-to-fit situation.


    The checkout area is efficiently monitored by means of convex mirrors in 400 mm diameter

  • Coloured Trim

    MIRAC MATCH mirrors in coloured trims
    Coloured to match the retailer’s corporate image.

    The elegant White coloured mirrors are especially popular in high profile chain stores.

    The Match series is also available in red and blue trims – please inquire!

    The mirror on the picture blends in with the white coloured sign panel

    MIRAC Triangular shaped mirror with white coloured trim.

  • Fixing Hardware

    MIRAC Convex Mirrors Fixing Hardware

    The MIRAC convex mirrors are extremely easy to install and to adjust!
    The MIRAC convex mirrors come complete with a specially designed flexible wall-arm fixing inclusive of four screws and rawlplugs.
    The combination of the flexible wall-arm and the unique ball joint makes it extremely easy to adjust the mirror in any desirable position.

    The ball joint is easily attached to the back of the MIRAC convex mirror.


    MIRAC mirrors can be mounted almost anywhere by utilising the optional mounting clamp as shown.


    The flexible wall-arm is 30 cm in length. You can extend this to 50 cm by using the extension arm as shown.

  • What Size?

    Guide of Sizes

    For Convex Mirrors only!

    Helps you to choose among the different sizes for your application. Please keep in mind that it is always best to use the largest mirror possible for the application, keeping in mind that the larger the mirror, the more detailed is the reflected view.

    If the purpose is to watch the movements of a person or vehichle then use the table marked “Man”
    If a more detailed surveillance is required or at dimmed light conditions, then use table marked “Text”


    If the purpose is to watchthe
    movements of a person or vehicle.


    If a more detailed surveillance
    is required or under
    dimmed light conditions.



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